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Bestway Disposal
The Bestway There

Bestway only hires the cleanest, nicest, most friendly drivers you’ve ever dreamed of.
And their trucks are so clean and new that they’re probably cleaner than your kitchen counter.
Since customers get to chose between several disposal companies in the area, we set out to showcase what sets Bestway apart by allowing people to experience the friendliness of the their drivers and the cleanliness of their trucks for themselves. 

Since it’s difficult to get people to ride in a garbage truck, we reached out to four well-known members of the community and offered them a limo ride to a local festival. Of course, instead of a limo, a Bestway truck pulled up at their house—a restuaranteur, an Olympic cyclist, a theatre owner, and a truck enthusiast from the local children’s hospital. All four got to experience Bestway hospitality first hand and proved out that often the simplest solution is also the most effective.