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Black Hills Energy

READY Brand Campaign

When the only point of contact you have with your customer is their monthly bill or a power outage notice, you're in trouble. And so big power companies don't get a lot of love. From anyone. Ever. It's starting at zero.

So when Black Hills Energy asked how they could connect with their customers and improve their brand image in a believable way, the answer was simple: stop talking about yourself. Instead, put the spotlight on how your service has empowered your customers to be ready for the next moment life has in store for them.

From cooling and lighting the ice for an ice dancer in a rural mountain town, to powering a recording studio for aspiring artists, it turns out that Black Hills Energy has enabled some pretty incredible things.

These films were part of a larger integrated campaign that spanned a wide range of mediums, from social platforms to out of home, but they really aren’t meant to play the role of traditional ads. Instead, void of gratuitous logos and friendly employee cameos, they serve to connect customers with the core of the Black Hills Energy mission: to empower you to be ready for the next dream life throws at you.

TJ, Music Producer

Belle, Ice Dancer

Travis, Sustainable Chef