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Good Summits

Short Video Production & Campaign Develoment
What if the pinnacle of a climber’s success—the summit—could be harnessed to accomplish something good in the world?
The Uganda-based nonprofit ROWAN (Rural Orphans & Widows Aids Network) approached us to create a scalable campaign that enables members of the outdoor community to combine their passion for adventure with a good cause, conquering summits around the world to solve unique needs on the ground in Uganda. 

In addition to creating the campaign strategy from the ground up, we also successfully pitched to produce all of the creative for the campaign, including online video content, a content calendar and social media strategy.
The campaign successfully landed several national brand partners, including SmartWool and Big Agnes

Art Direction, Creative Direction, Director of Photography: Nathan Downey
Co-Director, Producer: Kaitlin Erickson
Copywriter: Emma Myers

“I WALK” Short Film

To give a closer look into the difficulty children face everyday just to get to school—often walking 5 hours each way—we directed and produced a short film on-site in Uganda.

Promo Video

We also produced the short video, "This Mountain," to further engage the outdoor community in the essence of the campaign.

Crowd-Funding Campaign

What about those of us who can't make the climb or aren't fond of alpine adventures? We created Gear-For-Good to give every type of consumer a way to join the cause. On this Indiegogo-powered page, consumers can donate and receive high-end outdoors products donated by partner brands. Everyone wins!

Influencer Campaign

A big part of the awareness strategy hinged around activating relevant influencers in key networks throughout outdoor enthusiast culture. Climbers, photographers, brand advocates, and social ringleaders all played a role in spreading the word both authentically and organically.

Brand Partner Pitch Kit

To ensure the campaign would lock down major brand partners (like SmartWool), we armed ROWAN with a comprehensive pitch kit, including a dynamic electronic pitch deck, and a one-sheeter to leave behind with potential partners.