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Journeyman & Company


Journeyman & Company's mission is to unite craftsmen to produce unique collections of smart, beautiful items that benefit a related cause.

The concept, brand, and products are all the happy brainchildren of Nathan Downey and Cory Doney.

The American Veteran Collection features a limited-edition series of military-inspired, hand-crafted goods resulting from collaborations with brands including Winter Session, Fin Art, Method Roasters, and Knickerbocker MFG.
10% of the proceeds from each piece were donated to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America to help them invest in new veterans' futures.

Thanks to a great reception from the press, including features on CLAD, High Snobiety, Well-Spent, and Cool Material, the limited edition release of products is now sold out.

The Field Bag

Live with direction. Move with intention. Inspired by the unyielding drive of American soldiers, the Field Bag is crafted to reflect mid-century military map case bags and designed for those committed to living with vision. Crafted by Journeyman & Company and Winter Session.
Working with Winter Session was a true pleasure. Here’s an article about our partnership.

Dead-Stock Military Webbing - Waxed Leather - Waxed Canvas - Brass Hardware

The Signal Lamp

Head up. Eyes open. Gaze sharp. Inspired by the faithful vigilance of American troops and created from vintage runway lights, the Signal Lamp is made for those whose minds refuse to rest when daylight fades. Crafted by Journeyman & Company in partnership with Fin Art Co.

Walnut - Reclaimed Vintage Glass Runway Lights

The Scout Cap

Move fast. Think faster. Inspired by the unmatched agility of American troops and modeled after mid-century military headgear, the Scout Cap is created for those relentlessly in search of fresh territory. Crafted by Journeyman & Company and Knickerbocker MFG.

Waxed Canvas - Waxed Cowhide - Brass Hardware

The Valor Blend

Deny weakness. Live fearlessly. Inspired by the unmatched bravery of American soldiers, the Valor Blend is crafted to reflect military-issue coffee blends—delivering a bold start to those committed to living with tenacity. Crafted by Journeyman & Company and Method Roasters.

ORIGIN: Brazil/Colombia - ROAST: Medium - TASTE: Chocolate, Cherry, Silky Body - BREW: Espresso/French Press

The Ascent Table

Always forward. Only upward. Inspired by the timeless drive of American Troops and handmade from World War II aircraft wings, the Ascent Table is a reminder that great progress requires great commitment. Crafted by Journeyman & Company and Fin Art Co.

Walnut - Reclaimed Vintage Airplane Wings

"Land of the Free" Tee

Find your frontier. Never settle. Inspired by the legendary independence of the American people, the “Land of the Free” tee is designed to honor those who reject compromise at all costs.

"Home of the Brave" Tee

Live in honor. Thrive in pride. Inspired by the renown courage of the men and women of the American military, the “Home of the Brave” tee is a tribute to those with the grit to stand by their word.

Crafted by Journeyman & Company and Indy Ink.