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Sugar & Scraps
Miscellaneous Design

Here's a smattering of pieces and parts that are sure nice to look at but don't have a higher calling beyond just being straight tasty, designy treats!

Go Break Bounderies Print Design

Client: Victory Motorcycles
Following a successful rebrand, Victory was in desperate need of an initiative to broaden their awareness and embody the energetic youthfulness of their brand. What followed was an Americana dècollage inspired series of disruptive ads that took the motorcycle industry by storm, drawing a new demographic into the brand and laying the foundation for a whole new face to the Harley dominated cruiser market.

In addition to print in out of category pubs, murals in key dealerships helped tie in the initiative to the retail experience. CWs: Scott Johnson, Vince Van Bael

Custom Mug Designs

Client: Boyte Creative
This is a collection of limited edition Emalco enamel mugs I designed for the production company, Boyte Creative. Each mug wraps up their fun, outdoors loving culture into a cleanly designed, conveniently beverage-shaped package. They also have a way of mysteriously disappearing from the office...

BBQ Restaurant Identity Design

Client: Smokin’ Okies (Now Rolling Smoke
Here's a series of handcrafted marks for a local Denver restaurant, Smokin' Okies, that blend up their love for clean, old-fashioned barbeque with their deep-seeded hippie roots.

Hostel Logo Design

Client: El Sueño Hostel
Here's a mark I did for the La Paz-based hostel El Sueño, a posh, beach-side destination for surfers, backpackers, and waterfall hunters.

Album Cover & Release Poster Design

Client: Taylor Franklyn
Here's some album covers and design work I did for Taylor Franklyn's first studio release, "Dream Traveler,"
Following the release, Taylor landed a record contract and his career began to take off. All because of the design work I did for him. Obviously.
So when he set out to remix the entire album into club-ready tracks, he reached out to me to create something that reflected his maturing sound and projects an energy-loaded aesthetic consistent with the electric intensity of the record.

Maple Syrup Logo Design

Client: MOPLE
Here's a mark I whipped up for the maple syrup brand, MOPLE. They never ended up making one jug of syrup, but there's something about the lyrical flow of the mark
that still tastes sweet.