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Victory Motorcycles
Ride One And You'll Own One

The data was clear—if we could get a rider on a test ride, they almost always sold their Harley and bought a Victory. So we created a challenge that only Victory could hold up—Ride One And You'll Own One. And who better to deliver this no nonsense, in-your-face message than Full Metal Jacket's R. Lee Ermey "The Gunny."

From experiential to digital executions, this campaign innundated the market and saw overwhelmingly positive results, with record numbers of test rides—which naturally meant record numbers of bike sales.

CW: Scott Johnson

Teaser Video

This video was created to tease R. Lee Ermey's "The Gunny" new partnership with Victory and seed the challenger campaign that launched at the legendary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.
CWs: Scott Johnson, Emma Myers

Victory Challenger Truck

When Victory set out to achieve 100,000 test rides in one year, we created a stealth truck and trailer. A fleet of trucks were dispatched across the country to intercept riders at their favorite routes, rest stops, and bike hangouts creating demos in unexpected places at unexpected times. Ambush

The first week of the campaign, we launch an all out blitzkrieg on motorcycle enthusiast web hotspots. Using rich media banners to engage the consumers in the content captured at Sturgis, "The Gunny Challenge" brought the excitement of the campaign to life in the online arena.
This execution successfully drove 2x more click-throughs than average. 

This served as a hub for all the campaign video content and online social activity. Embracing the military theme intrinsic to R. Lee Ermey's character, the site drove people to various points of interaction with the brand. It featured feeds from the Gunny's Platoon, Twitter and the national test ride count, centralizing the campaign activity in one place.

Gunny’s Platoon Facebook Campaign

Gunny's Platoon was the campaign's central social component, using a Marine-type ranking system to convert consumers into brand advocates. To be "promoted," the participant was required to share content, recruit friends or visit a dealer. Upon completing all the challenges, consumers were rewarded with a signed poster of "The Gunny."
The app was a complete success, spreading Victory's social reach and doubling likes on their brand page within a mere month of launch.