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Santa Fe Tourism

As their core demographic ages, the Santa Fe needed a new way to engage the world—a message that transcends tourism clichés the same way the city itself escapes explanation.

To create a blend of self-discovery and real-time exploration, each shoot day featured a different photographer and talent combination. As they captured an extensive collection of stills around the city, director team Adam Bove and Kate Rolston captured video of their adventures.  Print and digital placements feature evocative photo collages based on the patterns and textures around the city and are a visual adventure all on their own.

These real, unfiltered moments of discovery fill the campaign with a relatability that clearly resonated with potential visitors. Within only a year of being in market, Santa Fe Tourism experienced a 14% increase in favorability, 12% increase in willingness to recommend and 27% increase in ad recall. All of these figures triple travel industry benchmarks.

Make Your Own Margarita Trail
With the advent of COVID, we helped Santa Fe stayed engaged with socially-distanced wanderlusters through a simple, yet effective idea: a virtual version of their famous “Margarita Trail,” made up of mixologist videos and unique recipes. Participants that posted shots with their masterpiece received a free margarita for their next visit to the city, incentivizing travel in the post-COVID world.

The series not only attracted loads of press (like this feature in FORBES), but also kept Santa Fe top of mind as the pandemic subsided.